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Easy Ways to Stay up with your Warm List

“You’re only as good as your last sale.” Every REALTOR® knows that keeping the pipeline full of deals is a crucial part of staying in business. Because real estate is largely a commission-only business, consistency is a challenge most agents struggle with. With so many things to do, what’s the best use of your time?

If you could only market to one group of people you would do well to stay in touch with your top prospects. Family, friends, neighbors, and those you see with some regularity are the most likely group to use your professional services. These “warm” leads probably know you’re in real estate, but they may also know other agents. The key is to ensure you stay top of mind when they need a REALTOR® or are recommending one to their friends and family.

Notepads are a great way to stay top of mind because everyone writes notes on paper. Even with smartphones and smartwatches, people continue to jot notes down on paper to leave on the fridge, on the counter, in their purse, etc. Although postcards are easy to distribute in the mail, they often get tossed in the trash after just a few seconds.

Our Marketing Mail Notepads combine an oversized notepad and a postcard which means you can get the convenience of postal delivery and the staying power of a notepad. These Marketing Mail Notepads get mailed by the United States Postal Service to any custom list of at least 200 recipients. All you have to do is determine what you want to say on your postcard, choose a notepad design, and send us your list. We’ll do all of the printing and mailing for you!

Marketing shouldn’t take too much of your time or money, but it is an essential part of running your own business. Don’t just hope you’re the REALTOR® others choose, be proactive and make sure you are the clear choice. Stay top of mind tomorrow by ordering today.

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