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Going Back To The Basics Tips To Keep Your Pipeline Full Using Layton Custom Notepads

As Real estate agents, we need to be experts of many things in order to be successful. We need to know our market, inventory levels, comps, as well as other economic indicators in our area. For some, the thought of marketing their business can be a daunting task. It isn’t easy keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of social media, on-line marketing and traditional marketing methods to engage with your clients and prospects. Here are some proven methods to help grow your pipeline and keep your brand top of mind.

Layton Notepads | Custom Promotional Notepads

Open Houses

Agents often have mixed feelings about holding Open Houses. I think holding an Open House allows an agent the opportunity to interact with buyers, prospective sellers and neighbors. I think of every Open House as an interview. As I prepare the home I visit the neighbors to introduce myself and inform them that I am next door and will be holding the property Open. I personally deliver a few of my notepads and encourage them to share with anyone they might know of that would be interested in becoming their neighbor!

A first impression is a lasting impression. I greet each person with a data sheet, fully branded notepad and pen. Most people don’t bring anything to write with and notepad features my contact information and photo so they will remember me. This is more powerful than just handing out my business card. Since there are 25 sheets in each notepad, I will have 25 opportunities to remind the customer that I can help them with their real estate needs. Don’t miss out on getting your name out in the community by hosting Open Houses.


A key to building your pipeline is being involved in your community. Donating your time and talent is a great way to meet others and make an impact. Become a member of your local Chamber of Commerce. Join a service organization. Support your local police or fire department. As a member of several volunteer organizations, I have been asked to donate my notepads for committee meetings as well as for a local school parent/teacher conference. This allowed me an opportunity to be in front of a diverse group of people that associated my name not only as a volunteer but also a Realtor. How great is that?!

Market to your Sphere

There are many ways we can market to people in our sphere. I have segmented my list into current / former clients as well as prospects in my farm. As with anything, consistency is the key. Direct mail is one way that I connect with my sphere. I make sure to provide information that is valuable. Consider including a flyer on current home sales in the area or an invitation to an upcoming Open House.

There is more than just direct mail when you want to reach people in your sphere. Think outside of the box. Perhaps there is a new business that just opened in your area. Send out a co-branded piece and include your notepad. Visit the neighborhood associations too. Many provide “welcome packages” to new residents. Ask to have your notepads included. Get creative!

Be Social

Many people find the social media landscape confusing and a little intimidating. Tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allow agents to engage with large groups of people at once. If you haven’t ventured into the social media space, create a business page on Facebook and invite friends and customers to “like” your page. With that little bit of planning, you can create days, weeks or months of posts and schedule your posts in advance. Ensure that your content is evergreen so that it is relevant to your customers. Then if you have multiple social media tools, link them together to maximize the content you are sharing. Many don’t realize that Facebook owns Instagram and with the click of a few buttons you can connect your accounts. When engaging with people on social media – be SOCIAL.

Use an authentic and conversational tone. Make sure your dialogue isn’t one way. Ask questions and have people weigh in on their favorite new design trend or post a survey of outrageous homes and have people pick their dream home. There are many ways you can promote your brand while having fun online. Recently I had a client use my notepad in a fun way. He wrote on his to-do list to wish me a happy birthday. He snapped a picture of the notepad and posted it to Facebook. A few weeks later another client posted a picture of my notepad on their Target cart. Social media should be a fun way to share your personality and engage with your sphere. You never know when that next buyer/seller will come across your post!

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