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Stay Top of Mind with Personalized Notepads

As a REALTOR® you want to be the agent your friends and others call when they are ready to sell their homes. Getting noticed and staying top of mind is critical to your success.

To help with these, Layton Notepads prints beautiful personalized full-color notepads with your name, picture and your other important information on 25 sheets in every notepad. Because people keep and use notepads for to-do-lists, grocery lists and more, you will be seen again and again.

Unlike internet leads sold by “local” looking marketing companies promising “qualified buyers”, personalized notepads get results. Unlike internet ads that are seen momentarily, your personalized notepads will be kept and used. And, unlike postcards, which just get thrown in the trash, your personalized notepads will be kept on a desk, on a counter, in a purse and in a car and will be used to the very last sheet.

To help you get your personalized notepads in the hands of your prospects, we can mail your notepads directly to each of your contacts in the following ways:

  • Notepad Mailed Inside Your Personalized Envelope We print a #10 envelope with your full-color picture and logo on the outside of the envelope and mail your notepad inside the envelope to your warm list, geographical farm and/or EDDM routes. We can also print a full-color letter and/or a market update and include this inside the envelope. This letter has your name and logo printed in full-color and the contents of the letter can be the same for every recipient or personalized for each recipient. If personalized, we can print the recipient’s name, address, and any important information you have that makes each letter unique to each recipient.

  • EDDM We print a special EDDM notepad which conforms to the USPS EDDM postal regulations. This notepad has a personalized full-color top cover sheet plus 60 personalized full-color notepad sheets. You select your EDDM routes and we do all the printing and mailing – it is that easy!

We also offer group discounts when agents in the same office order together. Call us today to learn how successful agents use personalized notepads to increase their sales.

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