Why Notepads?

REALTORS® from around the country report that full-color custom promotional notepads are their most effective marketing tool. Why? Because unlike social media posts that might be seen momentarily before being toppled by the next incoming feed, notepads are kept. Because unlike postcards, door hangers and brochures, which just get thrown in the trash, notepads are kept and used! Whether for grocery lists, phone messages or reminder notes, notepads are kept and used to the very last sheet. 


The high quality of our full-color custom promotional notepads says a lot about you and your image… they reflect the superior quality of your expertise and service. With 25 sheets in every notepad, your name and picture will be seen again and again keeping you top of mind with homeowners in your area. Order today and let us create your own full-color custom promotional notepads that are sure to set you apart from your competition.

Why use notepads?
Why buy notepads?

How to Use Notepads

Because people keep and use notepads, your full-color custom promotional notepads are a great way to promote your business. Here are a few ideas to help you grow your business using your custom notepads:

  • Put a notepad on each door in your farm (we also have Plastic Door Hanger Bags to help with this)

  • Mail a notepad to every home in your farm (we also have Custom Window Envelopes to help with this)

  • Put a stack of your notepads in the entry at each Open House

  • Include your notepad with your closing documents

  • Give away your notepads at community events, trade shows and conferences

  • Include your notepad in all of your promotional kits

  • Put a stack of your notepads on a table inside and outside your office

  • Take notes on your own notepads, then when you give your notes to others, you will reinforce your brand

Why Buy From Us?

Quality Printing & Finishing
We specialize in full-color custom promotional notepads and everything we do is aimed at producing the highest quality. Put us to the test and see for yourself. You will love how we make you look!

Beautiful Styles
We offer hundreds of beautiful notepad styles that we customize to create a unique look just for you.

Why buy notepads?