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Real Estate Promotional
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Notepads are the best realtor promotional product and marketing tool!

  • Every household uses notepads to jot down reminders, lists, and messages.

  • Your name, photo, and brand is on every page of the notepad!

  • Our 3.5” x 8.5” notepads fit in a standard #10 envelope for easy distribution to all your contacts.

  • We can print your notepads and envelopes, address, stuff, and mail them too!

Layton offers the lowest prices on Notepads because we specialize in notepads.

We print more notepads for realtors than anyone else. Our high-volume printing allows us to pass on the savings to you!

Contact us for a quote or Click Here see our online pricing!

We are a full-service Mail House certified by the U.S. Postal Service so we can also mail your notepads for the lowest price!

Need to mail your notepads? We have you covered. We can print the notepads, print your envelopes, address and stuff the envelopes, and deliver them to the post office for the lowest cost!

We have more than 30 years of experience printing and mailing notepads!

Postage costs are less than 40 cents each!


Group Orders

We handle group orders that combine multiple agents within an office. Each agent gets their customized notepads. Learn more about group orders Click Here.

How to Use Notepads
Why buy notepads?

How to Use Notepads

Because people keep and use notepads, your full-color custom promotional notepads are a great way to promote your business. Here are a few ideas to help you grow your business using your custom notepads:

  • Put a notepad on each door in your farm (we also have Plastic Door Hanger Bags to help with this)

  • Mail a notepad to every home in your farm (we also have Custom Window Envelopes to help with this)

  • Put a stack of your notepads in the entry at each Open House

  • Include your notepad with your closing documents

  • Give away your notepads at community events, trade shows and conferences

  • Include your notepad in all of your promotional kits

  • Put a stack of your notepads on a table inside and outside your office

  • Take notes on your own notepads, then when you give your notes to others, you will reinforce your brand

Why Buy From Us?

Quality Printing & Finishing
We specialize in full-color custom promotional notepads and everything we do is aimed at producing the highest quality. Put us to the test and see for yourself. You will love how we make you look!

Beautiful Styles
We offer hundreds of beautiful notepad styles that we customize to create a unique look just for you.

Why buy notepads?
Why buy from us
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