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Plastic Door Hanger Bags & Envelopes

Reach more of your prospects by distributing your notepads in our Custom Window Envelopes or Door Hanger Bags!

Plastic Door Hanger Bags

Plastic Door Hanger Bags are ideal for putting your notepads on your customers' and prospects' doors. Your full-color notepad shows through the clear plastic so people don't throw them away. Clear Plastic Door Hanger Bags are only $26.95 per 500 and $44.95 per 1,000 with FREE UPS Ground Shipping to the 48 contiguous states!

Custom Window Envelopes

We manufacture custom window envelopes with a 2 7/8” x 2 1/4” clear window so the top of your notepad can be seen throughout the mailing process. Window envelopes are $36.95 per 500 and $64.95 per 1,000.

To order your
Custom Window Envelopes or
Plastic Door Hanger Bags

I’ve purchased over 100,000 Realtor® notepads from Layton Notepads. I use them when farming new customers.


David Clesceri

tng real estate

I couldn’t be happier with Layton Notepads. I’ve ordered 200,000 Realtor® notepads already.


Teryl Payne

First Team Real Estate

We've ordered over 170,000 Realtor® notepads from Layton Notepads. They've been great for open houses.



Dan and Cheree Griffith


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